27 Feb 2012

Pulling off the US College Look

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Men’s casual wear incorporates many different styles including the increasingly popular US college look.
A new term has started and students everywhere are settling back down into education after a summer of booze, parties and festivals.
The UK has been invaded by the US college look over the past few years and if you’re looking for inspiration and style for a new term the US college look could be for you.
Over the past few years we have had a huge doze of US college fashion through TV shows such as The O.C. And One Tree Hill and brands have accommodated for this.
A few brands have really promoted the US college look through their clothes here are a few.
Fly53 has been supplying the youth of the UK with fresh clothes for 17 years, and has been established since 1994.
Fly 53 is independent, current and streetwise and that’s precisely what you need to pull of the US look.
The most iconic piece of clothing is the US college jacket and Fly 53 has the ideal jacket for you, the ‘Havana’ Retro Indie Mod College Jacket in Black and Grey is ideal.
The Fly 53 Jacket looks the part and is the perfect item to any person’s wardrobe who wants to pull off the US college look.
You only have to look down any high street in the UK and you will see a US college inspired hoodie, but which brands has the best?
Franklin & Marshall hoodies have been renowned for their quality and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why.  
Franklin and Marshall was established in 1999 by Giuseppe Albarelli and Andrea Pensiero who saw a gap in the fashion market for American College wear in just 12 years they have become one of the leaders in US college fashion.
The company prides itself on variety, comfort, individuality and a splash of vintage to give you something that is inspired by US college fashion but gives you the opportunity to ad your own unique twist.
A T-Shirt is a necessity to any man but the right one is key to the US college look and no item is in demand more than a Original Penguin T-Shirt.
Original Penguin was created by Abbot Pedersen who was inspired by a stuffed Penguin named Pete and one too many drinks in 1955.  
They have a great selection of Polo Shirts of real quality including styles such as The Pub, The Tilt and The Saddle all will definitely help you compliment the US college look.
If you’re looking for something a little bit more formal for the US college look then why not try La Martina Shirts.
La Martina and Argentinian clothing brand synonymous with the sport of polo may not seem the right place for the US college look but their shirts are spot on for anyone wanting to bring a more formal approach.
Clothing worn by some of the biggest stars in the world , the US college look has become popular worldwide and through these brands they are now entering the British fashion conscious permanently.  

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